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Ella Rebecca has been studying and practicing the influence of positive energy on life for years. She has a keen interest in learning the ancient beliefs of alternative healing and holistic living from around the world. She has personally experienced a huge positive influence from various stones, crystals and earthy materials in all aspects of her life.

She has also travelled to some of the oldest European, Indian and Asian cultures to have a firsthand experience of their beliefs and life changing holistic and spiritual practices. From her experience , she has reached out to various genuine sources to put together a choicest collection of some of the most commonly used items that can create a positive influence in every aspect of your life, be it health, family, love, money or just an overall balanced life. Yes2Energy has collaborated with SoPrecious by Karem line of handmade jewellery, beads and crystal fashion wear made from your favorite healing and energy improving stones and objects. You can now make positive energy attraction and the benefits of stress relief and a harmonious life part of your fashion statement.

Should you have a personal question or about use of any item listed here, pls. feel free to email us for her personal opinion.
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